Day 302 – Just another earthling…


Zencast 299 – Solitude It was lying in wait. It could have been in my shoe. I innocently wandered into the kitchen, stuffing my feet into TOMS as I went because I had dropped a glass bottle the day before, which had smashed all across the floor. Only when I turned around from my stance … Continue reading

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Day 297 – Keeping The Dream Alive


Zencast 294 – Compassion I don’t think I’ve ever heard the entirety of Dr. Martin Luther King‘s speech before. That’s the trouble with growing up a Third Culture Kid  – there’s a propensity to know a lot about the world, but nothing about large sections of history depending on which school you went to, when … Continue reading

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Day 245 – Shanti Om

Shanti Om

Zencast 242 – Evaluating Your Practice As instructed by Kelsang Nyema, I’ve been ‘dropping it like it’s hot’ all day long. And to be perfectly honest, it’s felt wonderful. Every obsessive thought, delusional storyline, mean-spirited opinion fell to the floor and crunched under my Vibram-ed feet like the fallen leaves that surround me. This meant … Continue reading

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