Day 211 – Jagged Little Spikes

All jaggy around the edges.

Zencast 211 – That Bird Got My Wings It’s 10:30 at the end of a long, but enjoyable day. I’m sitting in my room surrounded by piles of stuff, drinking a cup of strawberry and raspberry herbal tea, thinking about my last Friday in Oman… The day started with me getting up and going running … Continue reading

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Day 210 – Freedom in Oman

Zencast 210 – Acknowledge – Feel – Soften This is the best news I can transmit over the web today. I’m so proud for Oman that they were able to help free these American Hikers! Oman and His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said are such great ambassadors for the Middle East. May the freed hikers … Continue reading

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Day 191 – September Intention


Zencast 191 – Intention What better time than the beginning of a month to focus on intentions? Without intentions the months and years could slip by without a thought and before I knew it I’d wake up at 40 and wonder what happened to my 30s. This is what happened with my 20s. I remember … Continue reading

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Day 155 – Skills for Life

Handy Man

Zencast 155 – Skillful Means Although it was never my dream job, teaching has done nothing if not taught me way more about people than I ever though I could learn. There are many aspects of life and human behavior that can appear a mystery until you get a group of people into a room … Continue reading

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