Day 240 – Love Yourself First, Everything Else Will Follow

LOVE this!

Zencast 237 – Truthfulness It’s hard to be true to myself when I’m a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts that fly through my mind changing at the drop of a hat. One moment I feel this way and have this though, the next I’m feeling that way and have that though, then before I know … Continue reading

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Day 153 – Befriending the Pain while Running Away


Zencast 153 – Quiet the Mind Open the Heart We get stuck in ourselves, in the ways we’ve acted in the past, dragging those ways into the future kicking and screaming no matter how much we believe we want to change. It’s not always that we can’t let go of these old ways, but often … Continue reading

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Day 150 – Rest In Peace


Zencast 149 – Mindfulness Meditation Course – Wk 3 ‘All pain is the same and when you know better you act better.’ – Oprah Today’s mindfulness class focused on mindfulness of emotions, and what an emotional couple of days it’s been! Yesterday there was the news about the terrible tragedy in Norway, and I just … Continue reading

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Day 42 – Hindrance or Blessing?


Zencast 42 – Five Hindrances: Intro Sensual desire (kāmacchanda): Craving for pleasure to the senses. I wish for everything to be pleasurable. The myth I believe is if they something isn’t pleasurable it won’t make me happy. I seek out pleasurable food. I avoid physical pain. I want to look at beautiful films, photos, flowers, … Continue reading

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