Day 353 – Lost in Golf


Zencast 350 – Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation – Week 1 The air whipped around us, birds chirped in the trees, grass rustled along the edges of the green, and my mind slipped in and out of mindful awareness. It was a wonderful moment of Zen golf. Or was it? It was great to be out … Continue reading

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Day 348 – At War


Zencast 345 – Four Noble Truths and The Eight Fold Path Of course we have difficulties in our relationships, with our families, with society. But we also have difficulties in our relations with ourselves. Our tendency is to believe that while things are not going well outside of us, everything is just fine within ourselves. … Continue reading

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Day 178 – Always Walk Completely Through The Door

The Open Door

Zencast 178 – Seven Factors of Awakening Always walk completely through each door… and you will find the peace you are seeking. Related articles Day 162 – Appreciating the Life You Have ( Day 168 – What Are You Willing to Sacrifice? ( Day 178 ( Day 178 (

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Day 95 – The Lake


Zencast 95 – Peaceful Mind I don’t know what it was about today. Maybe it was my meditation last night. Maybe it was the chat I had with a fabulous work colleague :) (Yes, you!) Maybe it was the Kundalini yoga session I did yesterday. Or maybe it was simply my frame of mind. I … Continue reading

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