A Bikram High

Winter Trees at Sunset

I’m floating through the days at the moment. Even when things get stressful and too much to handle I pretty much take so long to react that the situations solve themselves or simply pass me by. I can only attribute this to Bikram now that I’m on day 18 of my 60 day challenge. Being … Continue reading

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Day 324 – The Ease of The Day


Zencast 321 – The Book of Eights Today could have been hectic, agitating, strenuous. It could have been a long, drawn-out, tortuous affair. But, it wasn’t. Jordi was sweet and full of stories. She told me about the pink ducks she saw swimming in the lake. She asked me to help her balance on various … Continue reading

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Day 278 – Play With Me

Jordi and the firemen

Zencast 275 – Redemption This is the moment, the only one we get, to live, love and feel, but the one we most forget. – You Are NOT Your Thoughts by Brian Despard Play with me is kid for be present with me. I get this a lot when mummy and daddy aren’t around, or … Continue reading

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Day 253 – The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room

Zencast 250 – Introduction to Meditation – Class 2 I walked in. To my left was a man sitting, waiting. To my right a couple sat filling in forms as their male friend looked on. Straight ahead sat a woman, not unlike myself, avoiding eye contact with the room. I headed first to the desk, … Continue reading

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