Day 347 – Priceless


Zencast 344 – Q&A The opposite of faith is not doubt, but certainty. – Anne Lamott Lindsey over at A Design So Vast blew me away with several of her posts today. I was catching up on my inbox reading and man did I need to hear what she had to write. You can check … Continue reading

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Day 257 – Off The Beaten Path

It's a beautiful path, but that doesn't mean I haven't strayed.

Zencast 254 – Introduction to Meditation – Class 6 I’m fine. Really. I’m fine. I’m just way off. Off the path. Off my eating plan. Off my yoga. Off dreaming of a new-found love. Off… I haven’t been to yoga in two weeks. I haven’t attended Sangha for two weeks. I haven’t listened to an … Continue reading

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Day 237 – My Present

My Present

Zencast 234 – Buddhism 101 – Part 3 I have lived the word ‘present’ in its fullest meaning these last two days. It all started when I insisted my brother and sister-in-law go out on a date while I stayed home watching the kids. I wasn’t sure how I would get on babysitting a 5-month-old … Continue reading

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Day 212 – Looking back down the road of life.


Zencast 212 – Dependent Co-Arising Most times things don’t work out the way we plan. Things happen we can’t foresee. Sometimes things don’t make sense. Then we take a deeper look back into our past and realize that things happened because that was the path we were on. Those things got us to now and … Continue reading

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