Day 361 – Wish I knew what to do.


Zencast 358 – Three Ways of Understanding The Path I’m sitting here, but I’m not alone for a change. Chloe is with me. She’s lying, half awake, half asleep, with blood dripping from her bottom. We though we’d lost her this afternoon when my sister-in-law couldn’t find her in the backyard, but when we got … Continue reading

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Day 360 – Restraint

I'm a sucker for a stray.

Zencast 357 – Walking Meditation I’m definitely holding back right now. I won’t let myself get too happy. I try not to let myself get too sad. I’m figuring out how to maneuver through this new space in which I have no job and nothing yet on the horizon. I’m counting my pennies, wondering how … Continue reading

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