HAPPY NEW YEAR! Happy New Year of Blogging.


Gray’s Anatomy – Season 1, Episode 1: MEREDITH GRAY: “Just go to sleep.” KATIE BRICE: “I can’t sleep, my head’s all full.” MEREDITH GRAY: “That’s called thinking. Go with it.” From tvfanatic Happy New Year! Yes, you’re reading right. I’m back again! A lot has happened in the months since I wrote my 365th blog … Continue reading

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Day 365 – The end is the beginning is the end is the beginning is the…

The sunsets over new life that has yet to grow.

Zencast 362 – Letting Go: Clinging and Peace First of all I want to thank you all, my readers, for going on this journey with me. I’ve had my ups and downs, the days when I couldn’t stop myself writing and other days when I wondered what on earth I was going to type here … Continue reading

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Day 245 – Shanti Om

Shanti Om

Zencast 242 – Evaluating Your Practice As instructed by Kelsang Nyema, I’ve been ‘dropping it like it’s hot’ all day long. And to be perfectly honest, it’s felt wonderful. Every obsessive thought, delusional storyline, mean-spirited opinion fell to the floor and crunched under my Vibram-ed feet like the fallen leaves that surround me. This meant … Continue reading

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Day 146 – ‘God’ in the Details

Stained glass blue

Zencast 145 – God This is a touchy subject. I’m not exactly the best person to discuss the ‘God’ topic. It’s not that I don’t believe in ‘God’, but simply that when I use the word ‘God’ I do so with care and only when I’m referring to what I believe is ‘the source’ of … Continue reading

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