Day 15: Strengths and Weaknesses


I survived my second day of my 60 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge and I actually enjoyed quite a lot of it. I was dreading the class before I arrived at the studio and when I lay down in the hot room I wondered what on earth I had been thinking to sign myself up for … Continue reading

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Day 2 – Facing The Mountain

Facing The Mountain

Day 2 I’m facing the mountain with bravery as I sit down on my cushion every evening and morning time. My head still swarms with passing thoughts, clouding my concentration, but I find it much easier to catch myself doing this. I’m much faster at bringing myself back to the practice when I get momentarily … Continue reading

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Day 232 – Never Stop Learning

Life's Little Lessons

Zencast 229 – Precepts: Not Committing Sexual Misconduct Life is doing it’s best to teach me some full circle lessons at the moment, especially when it comes to the mental torture I subject myself to. Tonight, I helped get some pickup shots for a film I worked on last summer. That film project was the … Continue reading

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Day 229 – HOT stillness!


Zencast 226 – Including Everything I took my first Bikram yoga class tonight. I got to the class early, yet the moment I walked through the front door my monkey mind came alive. Everything I could possibly worry or freak about sprang up, rolled about and threatened to take over any stillness I had previously … Continue reading

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