Day 3: A Little Goes A Long Way

Traveling Ladybug

My first night of ‘forgetting’ to meditate nearly took place last night. As I lay in bed with the covers pulled up around my chin, I wondered if it counted if I did my meditation lying down. I didn’t want to sit up in bed and shiver through metta. Thankfully, I remembered that Gil Fronsdal … Continue reading

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Day 221 – Unsettled Mind


Zencast 219 – Thinking It doesn’t take much to unsettle my mind right now. I’m actually quite amazed at how a move to the other side of the world can eradicate so much good mindfulness work. But then, maybe the truth of it is that I hadn’t done that much great work and that nothing … Continue reading

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Day 214 – I’m back!

River Street

Well, I’m back Stateside. Right now I’m sitting in Miami airport waiting for my flight back home. Thankfully my flights here were uneventful and I was impressed with how much my mindfulness and meditation practices helped me with my fear of flying. Although it’s possible that the herbal calming pills helped too! The best thing … Continue reading

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Day 52 – Musings on the Dhammapada Part 4

Been around the world...

Zencast 52 – The Dhammapada Chapters 13 – 16 Chapter 13 – The World I’ve traveled the world from an early age – so much so that I’m kind of done with traveling while at the same time unable to stop. I’ve been to so many places, seen so many things, experienced so many cultures, … Continue reading

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