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    Winter Trees at Sunset

    I’m floating through the days at the moment. Even when things get stressful and too much to handle I pretty much take so long to react that the situations solve themselves or simply pass me by. I can only attribute this to Bikram now that I’m on day 18 of my 60 day challenge. Being … Continue reading

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    Third Time’s A Charm


    Well, not quite! I still found Bikram a challenge today, although I did only have to lie down once. I found some of the poses easier than in the previous two classes, and others I had previously found easy felt almost impossible this afternoon. It’s interesting to experience how my body and mind change over … Continue reading

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    Day 15: Strengths and Weaknesses


    I survived my second day of my 60 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge and I actually enjoyed quite a lot of it. I was dreading the class before I arrived at the studio and when I lay down in the hot room I wondered what on earth I had been thinking to sign myself up for … Continue reading

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    Day 310 – We’re Not In This Alone


    Zencast 307 – Our Attachments My Google+ friend, Max, asked me this question about my last post: I’m curious about a word you used: conquer. Why did you choose that word specifically, does it mean something to you beyond the context of the article? I ask because you mention nonviolence as being part of your … Continue reading

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